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Annuity Rates

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Valuation examples
Valuation Examples
Pension values can be
30% higher than the CETV.
  Valuation Examples  
Valuation report
Valuation Reports
Ask for a free consultation
for a defined benefit scheme.
  Valuation Reports  
  Your choice of categories are:
Divorce Proceedings
  Divorce proceedings
  Who can apply for divorce and when, grounds for divorce
and how to apply for a decree nisi and decree absolute
Ancillary Relief Proceedings
  Ancillary relief proceedings
  The first appointment, procedures for pension rights, FDR, the final hearing and applying the pension sharing order
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Annuity Rates
  55 £4,433  
  60 £4,914  
  65 £5,563  
  70 £6,272  
  55 £4,127  
  60 £4,660  
  65 £5,094  
  70 £5,976  
£100,000 purchase, level and standard rates
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