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Annuities News 2019 - First half year
Find out more about developments for annuities and gilt yields for this month or select another month from the table below or the reviews for each month annuities news archives.
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News for the period:

Pension annuities fall

Pension annuities fall as investors seek safety of bonds and gilts
7 June 2019: Annuity rates have decreasedas gilt yields fall with uncertainty over US-China trade tariffs.

Pension savers timebomb

Pension savers threat from lifetime allowance timebomb
5 June 2019: Sir Steve Webb reveals the timebomb for pension savers at risk from an LTA tax charge.

UK enhanced annuities rise

UK enhanced annuities rise with stronger data from China and eurozone
9 May 2019: Gilt yields are up with strong economic data sending enhanced annuities higher.

Enhanced annuity rates down

Enhanced annuity rates down over 3% as investors seek safe havens
12 April 2019: Enhanced annuities reduce by -3.31% as gilt yields fall by 28 basis points.

nnuities fall after Brexit uncertainty

Annuities fall with lower gilt yields after Brexit uncertainty
9 April 2019: Brexit uncertainty sends investors to safety of gilts lowering yields and annuities.

UK annuities fall

UK annuities could rise as investors leave safe havens
5 March 2019: Annuity rates decreased while gilt yields were up as investors leave safe havens.

Gilt yields rise as Trump delays tariffs

Gilt yields rise as Trump delays tariff on $200bn China trade
4 March 2019: Yields rise 18 basis points as Donald Trump delays increasing tariffs on Chinese goods.

Retirement income recovers

Retirement income recovers as US stocks lead equity rally
15 February 2019: Retirement income recovers 7.5% benefiting from the January 2019 rally of US stocks.

Pension annuities flat

Pension annuities flat despite China reporting slow growth
8 February 2019: Pension annuities flat as investors optimistic the US would end the tariffs against China.

Annuity rates resist fall

Annuity rates resist fall in yields with fear of US slowdown
11 January 2019: Annuity rates are steady following gilt yields fall as investors fear a US slowdown.
Annuity Rates December 2018 Gilt yields lower as equities fall sharply with geopolitical tensions
7 Janaury 2019: Gilt yields are lower for December with geopolitical tension between the US and China.
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  70 £8,213 £7,669  
£100,000 purchase, level rates, standard
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