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15 August 2014 last updated
Annuity Rates Chart
Annuity income - last 6 years
Based on figures for July 2014
Annuity Rates Chart 2013

Our benchmark annuity rates chart is at £6,135 pa

The annuity rates chart in fig 1 is our benchmark example is for 65 year old male, £100,000 fund on a single life, level and no guaranteed period. The pension income last month ended at £6,135 pa up £762 pa since January 2013 after reaching an all time low.

The 15-year gilt yields was unchanged last month and as a general guide this rise in gilt yields would be no change in annuities.

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How annuity rates changed last month

Last month annuity rates were mixed with 34% of annuities rising, 32% falling and 32% remaining unchanged. This is based on all single and joint annuitants aged 55 to 75 and with three types of features selected, level, level with a 10 year guaranteed period and 3% escalation.

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monthly analysis of annuities and gilt yields

Annuity rate changes are closely linked to the 15-year gilt yields and in the short term of three months are lower by 9 basis points against a rise from annuities of 0.08% during this time suggests that standard annuities could decrease by 0.82%.

Changes with enhanced and smoker annuities

For lifestyle enhanced and smoker annuities the rise in the short term for annuities of 0.04% suggests that these annuities could decrease by 0.94%.

Impaired annuity rates remain volatile with providers increasing annuities and changing the pricing and margins on different medical conditions on a regular basis.
Other charts
Annuity Rates Changes Annuity Rates Changes
Find out about the latest changes in annuity rates and if they are rising or falling.
15-Year Gilt Yields 15-Year Gilt Yields
The 15-year gilt yields have a significant effect on annuity rates which we update daily.

Annuity Rates
  55 £4,951  
  60 £5,477  
  65 £6,135  
  70 £6,971  
  55 £4,677  
  60 £5,131  
  65 £5,662  
  70 £6,320  
£100,000 purchase, level and standard rates
Annuity Rates
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