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31 July 2013 last updated
Yields dip 6 basis points as Fed states that stimulus will continue
15-year gilt yields chart
Based on figures for July 2013
15-year gilt yields July 2013

After the surge in yields last month the Federal Reserve has reassured markets that the $85 billion stimulus package would continue for now and send gilt yields lower.

gilt yields:  
annuity rates down 6 basis points

Annuities are essentially based on the 15-year gilt yields and a 6 basis point fall would result in a 0.6% decrease in annuity rates although providers may decide not to make any decreases until there is a more significant change in the direction of yields.

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US Fed reassures market sending yields lower

The shock of the end of the $85 billion a month stimulus package had sent prices for stocks and bonds lower deflating the bubble in both markets. This forced the US Federal Reserve to reassure markets that tapering would only start as unemployment reduced and would not end until it reached their target of 6.5% of the working population.

For July the yields range for the month was from 2.85% to 3.04% or 19 basis points which is less volatility than previous months. Fig 2 below shows the daily 15-year gilt yields and the increase or decrease from the previous day's close:

15-Year Gilt Yields - July 2013
Mon 1st Tues 2nd Wed 3rd Thurs 4th Fri 5th
gilt yields down   0.03
gilt yields down   0.02
gilt yields up   0.01
gilt yields no change
gilt yields up   0.09
Mon 8th Tues 9th Wed 10th Thurs 11th Fri 12th
gilt yields no change
gilt yields down   0.04
gilt yields down   0.03
gilt yields down   0.03
gilt yields down   0.06
Mon 15th Tues 16th Wed 17th Thurs 18th Fri 19th
gilt yields up   0.02
gilt yields down   0.05
gilt yields up   0.02
gilt yields down   0.03
gilt yields up   0.03
Mon 22nd Tues 23rd Wed 24th Thurs 25th Fri 26th
gilt yields down   0.02
gilt yields up   0.04
gilt yields up   0.08
gilt yields down   0.01
gilt yields down   0.04
Mon 29th Tues 30th Wed 31st    
gilt yields down   0.01
gilt yields down   0.01
gilt yields up   0.03
  Fig 2: Daily 15-year gilt yields and changes

Based on the changes in yields standard annuities are likely to decrease in the short term by 3.70% with smoker and enhanced rates to decrease by 1.46%. See Annuity Rates Review for the latest updates.

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