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Annuity Rates

Annuity Rates

   Life Annuity
Best annuity rates
Best Annuity Rates
Find the highest annuity
with the best annuity rates.
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Free annuity quote
Free Annuity Quote
Use a lump sum annuity
to provide a high income.
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  Your choice of categories are:
Purchased life annuity
  Use a lump sum to buy an annuity to provide an income
Annuity quotes
  Find the highest annuity with
a quote from the top provider
Immediate needs annuity
  Lean how to cap the cost for a relative in care, annuity rates
Long term care
  Includes funding from the state or NHS and care home costs

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Annuity Rates
  55 £4,217  
  60 £4,691  
  65 £5,394  
  70 £6,194  
  55 £4,299  
  60 £4,745  
  65 £5,258  
  70 £5,973  
£100,000 purchase, level and standard rates
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Annuity Quotes
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