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Best annuity rates quote Ask for a Free Annuity Quote comparing
this with flexi-access drawdown
An open market option can increase your annuity income by up to 40% if you have medical conditions an impaired annuity. You can compare flexi-access drawdown with the free annuity quote so you can find the best option for you.
Free annuity quote
Free annuity quote - Receive quotes from all providers in the market
Extra initial income 25% more standard income - Even if you are in good health
Don't need an annuity 40% more income for poor health - 1,500 medical conditions are covered
Protect your capital Flexi-access drawdown - Compare the annuity with accessing your fund
Specialist advice Specialist advice - Use our expertise to find the best outcome for you
Find out about the best annutiy quote
  Annuity Rates Up +91% and Opening Times  
  Annuity rates are at a fourteen year high up 27% to 91% by July 2024 (depending on age and annuity features) due to the combination of inflation, interest rates, European war and fallout from the Mini Budget.

Rates for a single, level annuity are paying 6% to 10% for ages 55 to 75 and guaranteed for life.
We recommend you secure a Free Quote while annuity rates are exceptionally high.

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Money Helper website

Government's Money Helper website:
If you have used the Money Helper website to check annuity rates, we can match and even improve the results on an exact like-for-like basis including our fees, which means more income for you. Let us know the basis you have used and we can produce the guaranteed quotes.

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  Looking for drawdown and capital access?  
New pension rules from April 2015
The government changed the way you can access your pension fund to meet your needs and you are no longer required to buy an annuity.
  Flexi-access drawdown
You can use a flexi-access drawdown plan to take your tax free lump sum now, an income if needed and the option to access your capital in the future.

  find out more about flexi-access drawdown  
Annuity Rates
Annuity Rates
Up to 25% more income
using best annuity rates
Standard annuity rates
Smoker annuity rates
Annuity Quotes
Annuity Quotes
Find the highest annuity
income for your pension
Standard annuity quote
Impaired annuity quote
You can adjust annuities
to suit your income needs
Annuities Explained
Open market option
Use a fixed term annuity to keep your options open
Fixed Term Annuity A fixed term plan lets you select a term from one year upwards.

Receive 50% more income than an annuity and with total flexibility after April 2015.
fixed term annuity
Flexi-access drawdown to use your pension fund easily
Flexible Drawdown Access Use pension drawdown for easy access to your pension fund.

Take an income, one off lump sums and move to another provider without penalty in the future.
flexi-access drawdown
An immediate needs annuity can cap the cost of care
Immediate Needs Annuity Cap the cost of long term care by using an annuity.

You can add escalating cover rises with fees and it can reduce the estate for IHT planning.
immediate needs annuity
Receive 40% more income
from an enhanced annuity
Enhanced Annuity Benefit if you smoke, are overweight, have diabetes, heat or cancer conditions.

An impaired annuity can Increase your income by up to 40%.
enhanced annuity
Annuity rates and gilt yields charts
Annuity Rates Latest Annuity Rates Chart
Read the latest annuity rates review to find out if this is the best time to buy an annuity.
  Annuity Rates Latest 15-Year Gilt Yields
The 15-year gilt yields have a significant effect on annuity rates which
we update daily.
Annuity rates news archives
Use the table below to access article archive. More about the latest drawdown and annuity rates news.
2024 First Half Year Second Half Year
2023 First Half Year Second Half Year
2022 First Half Year Second Half Year
2021 First Half Year Second Half Year
2020 First Half Year Second Half Year
Annuity Rates
  55 £6,132  
  60 £6,532  
  65 £7,247  
  70 £8,170  
  55 £5,784  
  60 £6,234  
  65 £6,808  
  70 £7,616  
£100,000 purchase, level and standard rates
Annuity Rates
Annuity Quotes
Ask for a free quote with up to 25% more income or 40% for impaired health.
Yes Free quotes
Yes No obligation
Yes All providers
Free Annuity Quote
Flex-Access Drawdown
Take control of your money
Easy access
Tax free cash
Family benefits
Keep your fund
Flexible Income Plans
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